Telltale Games Likely Final Title Pulled from Digital Stores


Last week, video game fans around the world were shocked to hear that Telltale Games was closing. For many fans, Telltale Games changed the way people thought of traditional video games. Instead of mindlessly taking out enemies, this company released games that focused more on plot elements. In turn, players made choices in these games that impacted the entire story. With that in mind, one of the most popular games made by this company was their re-imagining of The Walking Dead franchise. Sadly, it looks that these final two episodes of this four-part series will remain forever unavailable.

Unfortunately, fans were shocked to find out that the final season of Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead was pulled from digital stores. According to the company, Telltale Games would be releasing two more installments in this series. Therefore, many fans are now left playing an unfinished game. The Walking Dead isn’t the only franchise Telltale Games’ fans will no longer be able to enjoy. Telltale Games was currently working on a sequel to the popular Wolf Among Us title. In addition, this company had obtained licensing to begin working on a game set in the world of popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

GamesRadar reports the takedown occurred 24 hours after a previous Telltale employed filed a class-action lawsuit against this company. The basis of this lawsuit is that Telltale Games allegedly violated several labor laws. Telltale Games sent out a recent tweet noting that support from “potential partners” would ensure the final two episodes would be released. Considering the current state of Telltale Games, many fans feel that this optimistic prediction isn’t likely to happen.

To summarize, the fallout from Telltale Games’ closing continues to occur. Last week, this company swiftly laid off over 200 employees. Making matters worse, these employees were given no severance pay. Currently, it appears that the last installments of Telltales’ The Walking Dead franchise will not be released. This continues the very public backlash against Telltale Games from both fans and previous employees of this company.


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