Technology Giants


These giants have been of great help since they came into action. They connect people around the world and make it, as it’s normally said, a global village. We conduct business easily across different countries, buy items from one country to another, study online from different schools easily and also get news around the world very fast thanks to these internet giants. Over the few months they have come under huge scrutiny from very powerful individuals who claim that the technology giants are using their platform to make them look bad. According to President Trump this companies have rigged the system for him and his likes so that when one goes to search, you almost only get fake or bad news about them. He went on to point fingers at Google that it was censoring voices from the far right and giving privilege to the voices from the far-left.

He later doubled down citing that Facebook, Google and Twitter are being unfair to Republicans and the conservatives. He continued to say that is a huge problem because they are putting efforts to try and silence a very significant part of the US and those individuals are not yielding to the pressure. He said ‘it’s not right. It’s not fair in any measure. It may not be constitutionally legitimate. All people are yearning for is fairness. His timing was good since the senior figures from Google, Facebook, and Twitter are being investigated during the hearings that are being conducted in Washington D.C. Suddenly the heat was back on this big tech companies and this time they are experiencing a double dose of trouble as the left side has now come after them.

Many citizens are angered at the fact that the Kremlin can influence the US elections via fake accounts and the spread of divisive propaganda. On top of that they are being accused of destroying and exploiting people’s personal data and building huge monopolies that are destroying the country’s economy greatly. These companies now face a new political threat as a growing number of senior Republicans are incensed about being bias against conservatives. According to Franklin Foer, ‘the best solution is to find incentives to limit the power and influence of these companies through antitrust legislation. This can also be done through the creation of space for competitors to thrive. Although Trump complains, he benefits more from social media.


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