Southridge Capital Takes on Why the Trump Administration is the Best Time for the American Entrepreneur, Employee, and Homeowner

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President Trump’s involvement in the nation’s job market and economic growth has been obvious since his election into office. The tech industry, in particular, has seen an overall improvement in the employment sector, mainly due to the president’s efforts to cut rules when it comes to the government’s hand in the business sector. In fact, his efforts to shrink the size and scope of government have so far proven successful. This means that he has reduced the number of both existing and new regulations, which has resulted in an incentivizing of business growth, production of new jobs, and overall prosperity.

Improved economic and business ecosystems, together with fewer rules and hoops placed in the paths of entrepreneurs, all drive entrepreneurship. This, in turn, gives rise to the creation of more businesses. All this means that more entrepreneurs could benefit from financial advising services offering financial solutions that are particularly powerful during a business’ beginning stages. Southridge Capital can help public company owners reach financial fulfillment, as its mission is to offer financial solutions to public companies. The team at Southridge Capital is eager to meet the many different needs of clients during this important time, so the company focuses on finding innovative ways to address them with dedication and diligence. This is particularly true at a time when the president’s decisions are making the lives of American entrepreneurs much easier from a governmental and administrative perspective.

The impact of the Trump administration is most evident in the numbers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of working individuals has increased by 395,000 from February to May of this year, which is much higher than the increase by 15,000 under the Obama administration. Furthermore, 6.9 million individuals are currently unemployed. This unemployment rate of 4.3 percent is the lowest since May of 2007. Along those same lines, the Department of Labor reported fewer initial claims for unemployment insurance, with the lowest average since 1974. Add to that the fact that there are 68 million more people in the labor force than in 1974.

The strengthening labor market is particularly evident in the number of job openings that hit 6 million in April. This is the highest number of open jobs since the BLS began tracking the data in 2000. Furthermore, the president’s actions have investors actively watching the stock numbers. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ, and the S&P 500 have generated more returns overall. Also, in addition to the Trump administration enabling more people to make more money, the National Association of Realtors also reports that more individuals are homeowners, as the existing home sales hit a 10-year high in March of this year. As a result, the Federal Reserve reported a record high net worth for the nation’s households and nonprofit groups of $94.8 trillion. This is $27 trillion more than the 2007 pre-recession peak.

The overall benefits of this improved economic situation are affecting everyone. It is true that the increasing stock and real estate values benefit particularly those who own those assets. However, increased employment opportunities are a benefit to everyone. And more employment opportunities are generated by either expansion of businesses or the formations of new ones.

Under the advisory umbrella, Southridge Capital offers services that cover all the bases. This includes financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, services for mergers and acquisitions procedures, restructuring analysis, and bankruptcy advice. The company also provides legal settlement services, which help settle litigation by clearly defining all of the legal requirements and minimizing both time and expenses incurred by clients.

Southridge Capital offers a wide array of services that could greatly benefit entrepreneurs. The company’s structured finance aspect of services entails securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions. The securitization solutions include monetization of a company’s existing asset base via loans against insider shares, capital, or an array of other assets. Furthermore, Southridge Capital collaborates directly with companies’ creditors to eliminate debt in favor of common stock and, as such, helps companies increase their creditworthiness.

The Southridge structure is implemented based on the existing level of liquidity in the company’s stock, without the need for a registration statement and minimal market impact, an option that greatly benefits businesses. Southridge Capital also takes care of its portfolio companies when it comes to fiscal issues by curating solutions in accordance with the contexts. The company also offers its Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA), which enables companies to raise capital based on their wishes and desires alone, regardless of the market conditions. Loans against common stock, convertible debentures, and convertible preferred stock are some of the other products that Southridge Capital offers to its clients. In addition to the powerful team, the success of Southridge Capital is also due to its loyalty to its clients and quality of services. The company views every client as a stakeholder, which is why the team focuses on fostering lasting working relationships.

The results of the Trump administration so far are undeniably impressive. More people are working at better positions and unemployment benefits claims are lower than they have been over the last four decades. Also, median household income, household net worth, and job openings have all set record highs. Add to that the upswing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the benefits of the president’s decisions become even more clear. The aforementioned ways in which President Trump has helped push the American economy and the job market forward all align perfectly with the aims and missions of Southridge Capital, as it strives to help various businesses manage their newly acquired rights and broadened powers within the political sector.


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