Jake Gottlieb Makes Return to Investment World with Altium Capital

Jake Gottlieb

For the past two years, Jacob Gottlieb has been noticeably absent from the healthcare investment world. The former founder and CIO with a reputation as a successful investor and leader has been keeping a low profile while winding up his former company, Visium Asset Management.

After a group of Visium’s fund managers were charged with insider trading in 2016, Gottlieb has been working tirelessly to return funds to investors. He has also used the time to focus on his philanthropic interests. Over the past two years, Gottlieb has devoted both his time and money to organizations that are close to his heart. The majority of the organizations that Gottlieb supports are local to New York City and are focused on financial assistance for those in need.

As a born and bred New Yorker, and someone who credits his success to a strong education, Gottlieb takes a special interest in charitable organizations that are local to New York City and support the education and advancement of youth. This includes organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation, New Yorkers for Children, The Windward School, and the East Harlem Tutorial Program. All of these organizations focus on preparing children and youth for career and life success. Gottlieb has provided support to all of these organizations by attending major fundraising events that have raised millions of dollars.

Recently Gottlieb completed his work at Visium and launched his new venture, Altium Capital. Like Visium, Altium is also a healthcare-focused investment fund which plays to Gottlieb’s strengths. Gottlieb isn’t wasting any time getting his new company off the ground and has already made two major investments in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sellas Life Sciences.

The registered direct offering for Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. attracted several healthcare-focused institutional investors. Altium elected for a 5.61% stake in the Jerusalem-based company that hopes to transform the way that medical treatments can be administered. Oramed’s oral insulin capsule replaces the need for diabetics to inject insulin. This innovation has the ability to change the lives of millions of people living with diabetes as well as those undergoing protein-based medical therapies. Although Oramed is still working towards FDA approval in the US, foreign companies have already been very supportive with investments and licensing deals.

With a 9.81% stake purchased in June, Sellas Life Sciences was the second addition to Altium’s portfolio. Like Oramed, Sellas is also a late-stage pharmaceutical company whose technology has the potential to disrupt the medical industry. Sellas develops cancer immunotherapies that can be applied to a broad range of cancer indications. The results from Sellas’s Phase 2 and 3 studies are very encouraging and they were recently granted a fast track designation by the FDA.

With two strategic investments already complete, Gottlieb plans to grow Altium quickly and amass a large portfolio. The actions of a rogue group of employees brought down Gottlieb’s previous company and he is ready to build his next success. It was his leadership and expertise that allowed him to create an $8 billion dollar firm with nearly 200 employees. He built VIsium from the ground up and he is ready to do the same with Altium.

Gottlieb has also established a prominent physical foothold by investing in new office space in New York City. In fact, Gottlieb has intentionally surrounded himself with other investing powerhouses: Iguana Healthcare Partners and Bay City Capital. The three companies share office space and future collaborations are in the works. Iguana is owned by Stuart Weisbrod who Gottlieb previously worked with at Merlin BioMed Group. With these highly successful financial entrepreneurs working from the same office, the industry is likely to see some exciting healthcare investment opportunities.


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