Giant Technology Organizations Under Double Trouble.


President Donald Trump and the Kremlin may have taken over the political address all over summer. About ten days ago, the whole attention had again turned to internet technology firms in the US. They had in the past enjoyed months out of the spotlight after following a grueling congressional hearing in Washington City last year. This transpired after there was some evidence that had emerged of Russia using social media to develop fake accounts to attempt influence election voters in the last presidential election. However, that respite was completed last week after Donald Trump made a tweet. The tweet electrified the news agenda right from Silicon Valley to the Capital. Out of the blue, Trump posted a bizarre tweet. President Trump posted that in ‘Google search results there was ‘Trump news’ which only showed reports of fake news. He claimed that Google rigs news so that almost all his stories seemed weird.

After downing his tools on Google, the next day he pounced on companies Tweeter and Facebook. He noted that tech giants were not fair to all the Republicans. He said that according to his thoughts, companies Tweeter, Google, and Facebook were maltreating Republicans and conservatives. President Trump went on to say that the situation was critical because the tech firms were attempting to silence a massive group part of the nations. All those people were not asking to be silenced. They all want their voices to be heard and their problems solved. Trump noted that this wasn’t fair. What the tech firms were doing isn’t legal and that very soon they were going to dive into the matter. All the Republicans wanted was fairness.

President Trump couldn’t be any better. The coming week senior, officials from the three firms will be coming under thorough scrutiny during a high-profile meeting that will be held in Washington. Abruptly, the political heat had turned to the Giant tech firms. Right now, these organizations are experiencing double trouble with immense pressure piling from Trump’s administration. According to the latest reports, all the criticism facing the technology firms is coming from the left, distressed at the comfort with which the Russians seemed to affect the election via bots and bogus accounts dispersing divisive propaganda. Moreover, the Russians have been suspected of toxifying debates, ill-using voter’s data and developing monopolies that are altering the United States economy. Right now, technology companies face a massive political threat from all corners of the nations.


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