Garmin Releases the New Vivosmart 4


Throughout the United States, fitness trackers continue to remain popular. Considering that, Garmin is one of the companies leading the way regarding fitness wearables. With that in mind, Garmin has recently released the new Vivosmart 4. In this post, you’ll learn more about this latest release in the world of fitness trackers.

The Amazing New Body Battery Feature
One of the most notable features of this tracker is the Body Battery feature. After recording your metrics, you’re assigned a score ranging from zero to 100. If you achieve high scores throughout the week, you’re cleared to workout. Achieving lower scores signals the fitness tracker to advise you to take it easy. The Body Battery feature works by tracking your heart rate, stress levels, and sleep patterns. Gizmodo reports the Vivosmart 4’s pulse oximetry system can even determine if you’re having sleep issues. In order to receive the most accurate scores, you’ll need to wear this device around the clock. The thinner design of the Vivosmart 4, when compared to previous generations, makes this device easier to wear for long periods of time.

Stylish and Incredibly Functional
It’s important for customers to have plenty of options. Considering that, many will be pleased to learn the Garmin Vivosmart 4 is available in a wide range of colors. This tracker contains a wide range of features including the ability to receive calls, emails, and texts. Therefore, it’s relatively easy for the Garmin Vivosmart 4 to double as your new smartwatch.

Say Goodbye to GPS
The Garmin Vivosmart 4 isn’t without its drawbacks. Many people were disappointed to learn that the Vivosmart 4 does not have GPS-functionality. Therefore, this will be a drawback for those depending on GPS tracking while they walk or run. That being said, the exclusion of this feature does drop the price tag for the Vivosmart 4 down to $130.

To summarize, Garmin has recently released their Vivosmart 4 fitness tracker. This new device touts a Body Battery feature, advising when you should or shouldn’t exercise. That being said, many Garmin fans might miss the GPS-functionality these devices are known to have. The Vivosmart 4 also includes the ability to perform many basic smartwatch functions including receiving calls, texts, and emails.


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