Twitter Makes The Choice To Ban Alex Jones Material


To say that Alex Jones is a controversial figure is an understatement. He is an incredibly controversial talk show host who has made claims so extreme that he has now had his material and channel banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube among others.

Twitter was the last platform to hold on on this decision. When Facebook, YouTube, and others made the choice to delete Alex Jones from their platform, Twitter decided to stand firm. In fact, CEO Jack Dorsey decided that he would release a statement stating why he would keep the Alex Jones material available.

It was just one day later that Twitter decided to get with what all of the other social media websites were doing and begin to delete Alex Jones materials as well. They may have felt pressure to do so after CNN reported that at least one dozen of the tweets and pictures from the Alex Jones account were in clear violation of the Twitter terms of use policies.

A lot of the material removed had to do with Alex Jones suggesting that David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland High School shooting was similar to the Nazi Party. He also suggested that many of the students who were interviewed following this shooting were just child actors who were trained on how to respond to the event and the questions asked of them by the media.

Twitter says that it has removed the content while it reviews it, but that the content has not actually been deleted from its system at this point. It seems that they are not quite ready to fully throw in the towel on this situation. They may be more interested in being the only platform to keep Alex Jones around if they believe that it could be a money maker for them.

The company continues to state that it is a platform for free expression. The CEO also says that they want to eliminate bad actors who try to silence others. Thus, the social media site has taken to perhaps keeping on more controversial material than what other websites are willing to. That is critical as the battle for eyeballs continues to grow stronger and stronger by the day.

You just never know what the next turn in this saga may be, but for now we do know that Twitter is not completely comfortable with getting rid of Alex Jones and his material just yet.


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