Twitter Lite Now Available in 45 Countries


Twitter has rolled out its Lite app to 21 additional countries. According to TechCrunch, Twitter Lite is now available in 45 countries.

Twitter Lite allows users to create tweets, view content from other users, update their account information and more. However, it differs from the social media network’s primary app by featuring a faster, better optimized design. Twitter Lite loads faster and requires less disk space than the primary app. As a result, it’s geared towards users with slow network connections and devices with limited disk space.

Statistics show that about 335 million people use Twitter each month. Although it’s still far behind Facebook, it’s attracted a loyal following of users. Twitter allows users to make short messages consisting of 280 characters. Users can mention other users in their tweets, or they can add hashtags to attract traffic. This simple format has made it the preferred social media network for millions of users.

But Twitter’s growth has remained somewhat stagnant in recent years. In an effort to attract more users to the network, the company has developed the Lite app. Twitter Lite is designed to attract users in international marketers where network connections are often slow and unreliable.

Twitter Lite boasts several optimization features to maximize its performance on devices with limited disk space and slow network connections. Users can turn on the app’s data saver mode, for example, to selectively choose which images and videos they want to download. Most importantly, Twitter Lite has been coded to quickly load on 2G and 3G networks. It’s also worth noting that Twitter Lite is only 3MB, so it doesn’t consume a significant amount of disk space.

Even with these optimization features, Twitter Lite still supports all the primary functions of the traditional Twitter app. Users can see which of their tweets have been liked or retweeted, start private conversations with other users, view their past tweets, create new tweets and more.

Twitter Lite is available on the Google Play Store in 45 countries. It’s unknown if Twitter is planning to roll out its Lite app to the United States.


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