There Is a Petition to Halt Netflix’s ‘Fat Shaming Program.’


It’s reported that over 100,000 critics have signed an online petition to halt the release of the latest Netflix show known as ‘insatiable.’ The show that is mostly for the teens has been accused of fat shaming. The critics announced this since the trailer of the movies was released on July 12th. The program is about Debby Ryan who is the show’s star. Debby is an overweight teenager who plots to take revenge on all the bullies after she had managed to lose her weight. The actress is seen wearing a suit in most of the scenes before her a new character as Patty who loses a significant amount weight over the school holidays. The new Patty is punched so hard on the face until her jaws shut off because of the impact of the severe blow. The character is noted in the trailer saying that she had taken her all her summer vacation to lose the bulky weight.

Florence is among the petitioners argued that the narrative of the show. She tells all the young impressionable girls and women that for them to be famous, be desirable for all the male gender, have loyal friends and in a way be a worthy human in the society, they have to be thin. She noted that they had to stop the show from being released as it will instill a lot of devastation to a large population. The series that is soon to be released will create doubtful minds to all the young girls who will be thinking that for them to be valued in the society and be worthy, they have to be slender. Florence stated that the show would result in various eating disorders and also perpetuate further objection of girl’s bodies.

All the petitioners are calling on Netflix to scarp the show. Critics don’t want it to be released on August 10th as it was planned. Debby, the central star of the insatiable show has vigorously defended the program on her social media accounts. Debby argued that she was attached to the program and that the show tried to show the world how women bodies are policed and shamed in our society. Debby wrote on social media that over the last one to two weeks, she has witnessed how many voices have awoken to defend the bodies of women yet the rest of the time they were all silent.


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