Several People Unite to Challenge Facebook’s Intolerant Liberal Culture.


Last week, a certain post went quietly to Facebook’s internal text board. The message read that there was an issue with political diversity. The message quickly took off inside the famous social media network. A senior Facebook engineer, Brian Amerige noted in a post that was obtained by the New York Times. The post read that they claim to welcome all kind of perspectives warmly, but they are all in haste to attack. The attacks are often conducted towards a mobs-any individual that presents an opinion that looks to be in disagreement to left-leaning thought. Since the post went up, over 100 Facebook workers have actively joined Brian to formulate an online group that is known as FB’ers for all political diversity. This was according to two individuals who viewed the online group page and were not authorized to air out opinions publicly.

The primary aim of the initiative, according to Mr. Brian’s memo, was to develop a space for all conceptual diversity within the organization. The online group is reported to have offended the other Facebook’s workers. The rest of the workers argued that the online postings were offensive to all the minorities. One Facebook engineer who declined to be recognized for fear of vengeance noted that multiple people who had filed complaints with their managers concerning the FB’ers online group. The group was created for political diversity. They were notified that they had not broken any of the organization’s rules. Another worker at the company noted that the group seemed to be inclusive and constructive of diverse political viewpoints. Brian never responded to the request of commenting on the same.

The activity is viewed as a rare sign of prearranged opposition within Facebook over the organization’s mostly generous workplace culture. While the new online group is just a sliver of the company’s workforce of more than 25, 000, the organization’s employees have in the past resembled less inclined than their nobles at other technology organizations to challenge the leadership of the institution. On the other hand, most of the employees have been loyalists to the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. Over the past two years, the company has undergone a thread of crises that comprises the extent of misrepresentation by the Russians on its platform and also the mismanagement of people’s data. The social network has also been accused of roasting conformist speech by Senator Ted Cruz and president Trump.


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