PowerSpike Is A Good Thing For Streamers


Twitch is the world’s most popular intermediary between video gamers who play their games live and viewers who interact in chat rooms beside such live streams of the video games they want to watch with other users. The platform was created in 2015 by AJ Damiano and Michael Paris, two lifelong video gamers who had liked to stream them playing video games live for the world to watch.

Damiano and Paris decided to quit playing as much and put their interests and talents to use by coming up with the idea for Twitch and incorporating it shortly thereafter.

There’s a new advertising opportunity on the block offered by Twitch

Many popular streamers have sponsorship deals with brands of keyboards, display monitors, clothes, headsets, and virtually everything else imaginable; rather than purchasing traditional video or banner ads like advertisers do on YouTube and other video sharing sites – not live video content sharing sites, though.

With such sponsorships, viewers and others who interact with their fellow fans who follow a particular streamer – whoever that streamer might be – are able to keep streaming action instead of cutting to ads.

That’s the old advertising platform talked about directly above this line – PowerSpike is the brand new form of digital marketing in live gaming

Streaming is constantly becoming more and more popular because fans of gaming personalities feel like they’re closer to their favorite streamers whenever they sit in their chat rooms and follow along in real-time with like-minded fans.

As touched on above, one of the best parts about streaming is that there aren’t any commercial breaks or video advertisements in between them and their favorite streamers. PowerSpike, a new digital marketing platform that connects streamers and other video gamers and content creators with advertisers and sponsors around the world of business.

A little bit more about PowerSpike

PowerSpike isn’t a feature provided by Twitch.tv or any other live streaming site. However, PowerSpike is one of the best entities to consult whenever a live-streaming video gamer wants to get sponsorships so they can get fitted out with the high-quality, most-popular brands and products related to their particular field of interest.

Recently, PowerSpike reeled in some $500,000 in financing from Techstars Atlanta, Cox Enterprises, Dorm Room Fund, and several angel investors – it’s looking good for PowerSpike.

PowerSpike is a new


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