New App Saving Lives of People Who Have Overdosed


There is a new app that is designed to help first responders find people who have overdosed. Ninetta Violetta is the Decatur Fire Department Assistant. She stated that she and her staff use bag valve masks, Narcan, IVs and automated external defibrillators in order to revive people who have overdosed.

The fire department will soon be using an overdose detection mapping app to locate people who have overdosed. This app will show people areas where overdoses frequently happen. Dan Salter is the executive director of the Atlanta-Carolinas High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. He stated that the new app is a major step in the right direction.

Dan stated that first responders can enter information into the database and instantly find where they need to go. He also stated that there has recently been a spike in drug overdoses. The app not only makes it easy for people who overdose to get medical treatment, but it also allows law enforcement to find people who are responsible for putting the drugs out on the street.

However, Dan stated that this is not just about arresting people. It is a measure that is being taken in order to improve public health. It is designed to help treat and prevent drug overdoses.

Nelly Miles work for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. He stated that this app is a great resource for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Nelly also stated that they will be able to immediately send law enforcement officials out to the area.

Forty agencies have already signed up for this app. Dan stated that in order for the app to achieve its maximum effectiveness, hundreds of agencies need to sign up for the app. He wants to team up with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in order to promote the app more.


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