New App Help Parents Keep Track Of Children In Surgery


Texas Children’s Hospital recently created an app that will help put parents fears to ease while their children are in surgery. The name of the app is EASE. It works a lot like Snapchat. Parents will get an update on their child’s surgery every 30 minutes. The message will go away after the parent has read it.

Pierre Denha is 16-years-old at recently had surgery at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Despite the fact that the procedure was a minor one, Rula Barbirian was still worried about her son. She decided to download the app to keep track of her son’s surgery.

The hospital has taken extra precautions in order to protect the patient’s privacy. Each patient will be given a barcode that they can access. The family does have the option of linking the app with people who are outside of the hospital. Dr. Larry Hollier is the surgeon-in-chief at Texas Children’s Hospital. He stated that the messages disappear for security reasons.

The nurse will only communicate with the members of the family. However, the family can send the message to someone else if they choose to. Dr. Hollier also stated that the purpose of the app is to reassure the family. It will not give out details about the procedure.

Dr. Hollier also stated that people can use the app to communicate with guardians who are outside of the hospital. It is important to note that patients will not be able to respond to the messages. The staff’s priority is the patient, so they do not have time to reply to messages.

Dr. Hollier stated that they will not send out any pictures. He stated that many people are alarmed by surgery pictures, so they do not want to scare people. Even if the procedure is going fine, they may still be alarmed by the pictures.


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