Microsoft Testing Shopping Cart Feature for Select Xbox One Users


From Amazon to eBay, countless e-commerce websites allow users to add multiple products to a virtual shopping cart and purchase them by making a single payment. Since launching in November 2002, however, Xbox Live has lacked this feature. If an Xbox user wants to buy three different products, such as digital game downloads or movie rentals, he or she must purchase all three products separately. But that may soon change as Microsoft is currently testing a shopping cart feature for select Xbox One users.

According to Neowin, participants of Xbox Insider, Microsoft’s Xbox One testing program that seeks feedback from users, can now add products from the Microsoft Store to a virtual shopping cart. The shopping cart works like most other e-commerce carts: Users have the option of purchasing a product or adding it to their cart. The latter allows users to easily purchase multiple products by making a single payment instead of multiple payments.

Reports show that Microsoft’s new Xbox shopping cart is synchronized with other Microsoft platforms. Xbox One users, for example, can view their cart on their Xbox One console, Windows PC and the internet. If a user added products to his or her shopping cart but didn’t check out, they can complete the checkout process using any of these supported platforms.

Microsoft said it’s decision to include a shopping cart feature in the Xbox One came from user feedback. After asking Xbox One users what features they’d like to see added to the platform, the most common response was a shopping cart. This otherwise basic feature simplifies the process of purchasing multiple products at once. And considering that many Xbox One users now purchase digital game downloads instead of physical discs, there’s no better time than now for Microsoft to update the Xbox One with a shopping cart feature.

While Microsoft plans to roll out the shopping cart feature to all Xbox One users, it’s currently only available for Xbox Insider participants.


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