Microsoft Is Updating the Edge Browser with Password-Free Sign-Ins


Microsoft Edge has been slowly gaining momentum in the web browser market. In June 2017, it accounted for roughly 3.35 percent of all browsers used in the United States. As of June 2018, it accounts for almost 4 percent. Microsoft has doubled down on the successor to Internet Explorer by updating Edge with new features and optimization fixes. One of the latest features to hit Edge is the ability to log in to websites without manually entering a username and password.

According to Mashable, Microsoft has updated Edge with password-free sign-ins. While users can still enter their name and password to access their online accounts, this feature offers an alternative method of authentication. Available through Windows Hello — a biometric feature included in many devices and peripherals — it allows users to log in to websites using their fingerprint, a PIN or facial recognition.

If a user wants to log in to Facebook, for example, he or she can scan their fingerprint on their computer’s Windows Hello hardware. The scanner will read their fingerprint and cross reference it with a stored, digital copy of their fingerprint. If the newly created sample matches the copy, Edge will automatically enter the user’s name and password, thereby logging him or her in to Facebook. This is just one supported method of verification, however. Edge allows users to log in via a PIN or facial recognition as well. The former involves entering a four-digit combination of numbers and letters whereas the latter involves taking a facial photo.

Remembering the username and password combination for all your online accounts is tedious and difficult. A study conducted by Microsoft found that the average person has 25 active online accounts that require a username and password. The problem is that you can’t use the same combination for all your accounts as this increases the risk of hacking. Conversely, creating unique username and password combinations makes it difficult to remember them.

With the new and improved Edge browser, you don’t have to worry about remembering your usernames and passwords. If you have a device with Windows Hello, you can use Edge to automatically log in to websites through biometrics authentication.


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