JBL Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Google Assistant Device


You can now pre-order the Google-powered Link View. According to The Verge, JBL began accepting pre-orders for the Google Assistant display device on Aug. 1, which it plans to ship beginning Sept. 3.

The JBL Link View isn’t a typical tablet computer, however. Although it features a similar design, including an 8-inch display, it’s powered by Google Assistant. Like Google Home and Amazon Echo, the device supports voice-controlled functionality. Users can perform voice commands to access recipes, get updates on the weather, check their email and more, all of which are processed by Google Assistant.

A key difference between the Link View and other Google Assistant devices is that it features a high-definition display. Most Google Assistant devices, such as Google Home, lack a display. Rather, they feature one or more speakers that answers the user’s question or command with a digital voice. The Link View does this as well, but it features a brilliant display that allows users to access websites, watch YouTube videos, display pictures and more.

The Link View isn’t cheap. With a starting price of $250, it’s more expensive than the Google Home and Amazon Echo. But many users will agree that the convenience of a display is well worth the additional cost.

JBL isn’t without competition in the Google Assistant device market. Both Sony and LG are also producing their own Google Assistant devices. It’s unknown, however, whether these devices will feature a display like the Link View.

While Google has gained momentum in the voice-controlled digital assistant market in recent years, it still lags behind Apple. One report found that Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, owns 46 percent of the market while Google Assistant owns just 28 percent of the market. As Google continues to improve and promote Assistant, though, its market share will likely increase in the months to come. And thanks to Google’s collaboration with JBL, Sony and LG, it’s certain to gain a competitive advantage on Apple.


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