Google to Update Gmail App for Android With Undo Send


The send button in an email client is often viewed as the point of no return. Once you click it, there’s no turning back. The listed recipient will receive the message exactly as you typed it. Google, however, introduced a feature for its Android and iOS Inbox by Gmail apps to provide users with greater control over their emails. Known as Undo Send, it allows users to cancel their emails within 10 seconds of clicking the send button. And while this feature is currently only available in the Inbox by Gmail app, the Mountain View company is expected to update its dedicated Gmail app for Android with Undo Send.

Both Android and iOS users have been able to cancel their emails using the Undo Send feature in the Inbox by Gmail app since 2015. According to The Verge, however, Google will expand this feature to its Gmail for Android app in the near future.

There are multiple ways to create, send and read emails on an Android device. You can use the Inbox by Gmail app, for example, to consolidate all your email accounts into a single client. If you have two or more email addresses, this app allows you to access them from a single interface. Alternatively, you can use the Gmail app, which also allows you to access multiple email accounts. Many users prefer the Gmail app, though, because it has a simpler, cleaner interface.

The next version of the Gmail app for Android, version 8.7, is expected to include the Undo Send feature. This feature, which is already present in the Inbox by Gmail app, provides users with greater control over their emails.

Statistics show that the average person makes about eight typos for every 100 words that he or she types. In a 300-word email, that’s two dozen typos. The Undo Send feature allows users to correct typos in their emails even after they’ve clicked the send button. Assuming it’s been less than 10 seconds since the user clicked the send button, he or she can press the Undo Send button. This feature works by automatically placing a 10-second delay on all new emails, thereby allowing users to cancel their emails after sending them.


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