Google Rolling Out Duo App to Android Tablets and iPads


Google Duo is finally coming to Android tablets and iPads. When Google first launched the video chat app, it wasn’t available for all devices. Rather, only Android smartphones and iPhones supported Duo. As reported by Engadget, however, Google is now rolling out Duo to Android tablets and iPads.

Released internationally on Aug. 16, 2016, Duo is a video chat app that follows in the footsteps of Hangouts. It allows users to host high-definition video calls using their mobile device. While there are more than a dozen other video chat apps, Hangouts has been optimized to consume minimal bandwidth. This is a key feature that allows mobile device users with limited bandwidth to run the app without experiencing lag or other performance issues.

Google has continued to update and improve the Duo app since launching it more than two years ago. Among other things, the app now supports screen sharing, multiple devices and end-to-end encryption. The app can also automatically switch between mobile broadband networks and Wi-Fi networks to improve performance and efficiency.

Up until now, Android tablet and iPad users were forced to use the smartphone version of Duo on their device. If an iPad user wanted to host a video call, for example, he or she would have to download and use the iPhone version of Duo. The smartphone versions of Duo work on tablet computers, but they don’t offer a positive experience for users. Users have complained about poor interface sizing and other formatting issues that hinder their ability to host video calls. The new update is expected to resolve these issues by providing a positive, tablet-friendly experience for Android and iPad users alike.

Google still offers Hangouts as a video chat app for mobile devices. Hangouts, however, is designed for business use whereas Duo is designed for personal use. Furthermore, Hangouts is a more complete mobile communication app that goes beyond video calling. It supports text messaging and voice over internet protocol (VOIP) as well. Duo, on the other hand, focuses specifically on video calling.

According to a tweet by Google, Duo is expected to reach all Android tablet and iPad users within the next few days.


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