Google Introduces New Cloud Storage Plans


There’s no better time than now to sign up for Google’s cloud storage service. According to The Verge, the Mountain View tech giant has restructured its Google One plans with new pricing and storage capacities.

The entry-level plan, which includes 100 GB of cloud storage space, costs $1.99 per month. There’s also a $2.99-per-month plan that includes 200 GB of storage space and a $9.99-per-month plan that includes 2 TB of storage space. Google had previously offered a 1 TB plan for $9.99 month through its Google Drive plan. As part of the company’s efforts to rebrand its cloud storage service, however, Google has increased the storage capacity of this plan to 2 TB through Google One.

Most tech experts will agree that 2 TB is overkill for the average computer user. To reach this capacity, you’d have to upload about 1 million images to your cloud storage account.

From photos and videos to articles and PowerPoint files, Google One can be used to store a variety of files. Like other cloud storage services, it allows users to store files on a remote server rather than locally on their computer or device. Google handles all upkeep and maintenance of these servers, alleviating users of this responsibility.

In addition to new pricing and storage capacities, Google is also upgrading its cloud storage service with new features, such as family sharing. With family sharing, Google One users can share their cloud storage space with up to five other people. Each person to whom the account is shared will have their own unique login credentials and storage space. Therefore, one person can’t see or access the files of another person even if they both use the same shared Google One account.

Furthermore, Google is offering premium customer support for Google One users. Whether you choose the $1.99 per month or $9.99 per month plan, you can call Google directly for cloud storage support. Google’s customer service team can walk you through the process of setting up and optimizing your cloud storage account.

Of course, Google continues to offer 15 GB of free storage space. Once a user has reached this limit, he or she must upgrade to a paid, higher-tier plan.


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