Deleting Your Dating App Shows Your Commitment in a New Relationship


James Preece is a dating coach. He stated that the best way to show that you are committed in a relationship is to delete your dating app. James said that when you delete your dating app, it shows that you are committed to the person you are seeing.

However, James warns that timing is everything. He stated that you do not want to delete your dating app when you first start the relationship. This may show that you are too eager to commit. Not only can this scare off the person you are dating, but it can also prevent you from meeting a new person. You should not delete the app until you and the person get serious and start making future plans.

James stated that having a dating profile while you are in a serious relationship can be problematic. This can cause your partner to become insecure. They may think that they are not good enough. Even if you are not using the app, it can still create problems in your relationship. Simply having the app can make your partner insecure.

Keep in mind that deleting the app is not the same as deleting the profile. People may forget that they still have a profile. If both of you get rid of your dating profiles, then it shows that you are committed. It shows that you only have eyes for the person you are seeing.

Madeleine Mason is a relationship psychologist. She also believes that deleting your dating app is an important step in a relationship. She stated that if you keep your dating apps installed, then it shows that you are not vested in the person you are seeing. If you get rid of the dating app, then you can spend more time focusing on the person you are seeing.


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