When buying Google News Site please keep these things to keep in mind


Google News is one of the best mediums for getting up to date news on almost any topic that interests you. Initially ruled by big publishers, Google News is slowly becoming a platform on which small publishers have started gaining an equal footing and are competing with the big dogs neck-to-neck for traffic and advertisement revenue.

One of the best ways to get into Google News is to get the domain of your choice approved, but it turns out that the process is time consuming and it may take months before you get an approval and if things are not working for you, chances are that you might not get an approval at all. So, what’s the way out? BUY GOOGLE NEWS SITE THAT IS ALREADY APPROVED.

We at Buy Google News Site offer pre-approved Google News domains that you can buy from us without all the approval hassles and concentrate on your strengths – content – and bring it to millions of readers worldwide. However, we are not alone who provide such services and so we would like to bring to your attention things you need to keep in mind while buying a Google News Site.

  1. Why is the person / company selling their Google News approved site?

    One of the most important questions that you might want to ask first before buying Google News approved site is why is the selling the site in the first place. Google News approved sites are hard to come by and while there are legitimate sellers who sell them because they are not able to maintain them, there are those who may be hiding something from you. Some of the possible reasons why a seller is selling his/her Google News site are: inability to maintain the site; lost interest; revenue decline because of low traffic; AdSense blacklisting; and penalty from Google among others.
  2. Is the Google News approved site penalized?
    While there are genuine reasons why one may sell his/her Google News approved site, one of the major reasons is to get rid of a site that is penalized. If the domain is fresh, there is almost no chance of a penalty because Google will have no history about the domain, but if the domain is aged – above 6 months old – then there is a possibility that the domain has been penalized. To determine whether there has been a penalty, ask the seller for webmaster and analytics access and check if the search traffic has been declining or not. Also ask the seller for approximate number of visits per article as this is a good indicator of whether the site is getting regular traffic or not.
  3. Has the domain been banned by AdSense?
    If you intend to buy Google News site for advertisement revenue, we would presume that you have an AdSense account which you shall use to earn. So another important thing to do is go ahead and check whether the domain has been blacklisted by Google AdSense or not? https://ctrlq.org/sandbox/ is the best site to check for an AdSense ban.
  4. Which region has the domain been approved for?
    If you are in the US, you wouldn’t want to buy Google News site that has been approved for UK, Canada or India or some other region. Make sure you ask the seller with proof about the region of approval.
  5. What are the payment options being made available?
    While we do not doubt the intentions of sellers, there is always a possibility of fraud and so check with the seller if they are offering a secure way of payment. We would recommend using Escrow.com for online transactions as you will be able to ensure that the domain and the relevant assets are being handed over correctly before the seller gets paid. Escrow.com will charge a small fee, but considering that you are going to spend thousands, a few more dollars will not only make your transaction safe, but you will have complete peace of mind.

We are a team of professional journalists and Google News experts and proud of what we offer to small publishers, independent journalists and bloggers who are experts in their own fields but are not able to get their sites approved in Google News. We at Buy Google News Site help all these professionals make it big on Google News. Contact us to know more.


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