The Dark web sting has led to the arrest of the alleged spyware robber.


Reports have it that a programmer who had allegedly attempted to sell a stolen surveillance tool that was worth $50 million to the dark web has been apprehended and charged for the crime in Israel. The software was reported to have been stolen from a security organization that is known as NSO Group. The company is well recognized for developing surveillance softwares. It’s a firm that has been on the market for quite some time now. It has been producing software’s that other companies have been buying for their use.

According to reports, the former employee at the NSO Company was believed to have stolen the code after he learnt that he was going to be sacked from the company. The thief was a developer at the Firm. According to the Israelis Justice Ministry, if the thief could have sold the code, there could be severe harm to the state security. The ministry reported in a statement that the accused was an employee at the NSO Company. He was a senior programmer at the firm. He had all the access to the organization’s development systems that included the firm’s stores of the source of codes. The Justice ministry noted that once the firm programmer had downloaded the code, he was regarded as a hacker. The programmer had intended to sell the code to the web markets which could have ended terrorizing the firm for years.

Investigations put it that the programmer had asked the buyer in the dark web to make a payment of $50 million through crypto cash. This would have made it challenging for the investigators to trace. The buyer was not identified. Though, he had agreed to buy the code from the software programmer. He, however, contacted NSO Company before he sealed the deal with the programmer. Immediately a sting was set up, and the programmer was apprehended by the police. The actions of the NSO programmer had the intention of jeopardizing the NSO Company. Selling the code of the software could have seen the company collapse probably never rising again. The former employee was charged with robbery, pursuing unlicensed defence transaction, the intention of compromising state security and also unsettling a computer system.

According to a statement that was released by the attorney of the defendant read that the client was not attempting to undermine the national security. The lawyers expressed their confidence in the court that it will strive to find the actual story from the case.


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