The 2018 Most Effecient Digital Marketing Awards


During the Most Effective Digital Marketing Awards, Mark and Spencer and Mindshare used digital marketing tools to enhance their space in the global economy. This was especially during the Christmas season where there was fierce competition among the retailers. However, the primary aim of Mark and Spencer was to get an audience throughout the season. As for Mindshare, their strategy was to use social media together with TV ads to reach their target audience. Their numbers stood at 85 million impressions and 18 million video views in total. The firm collaborated with giant Paddington Bear to produce substantial content. They also built a video sharing strategy with an aim to maximize reach in a competitive media platform.

They were to tease, have an epic launch, sustain the content, re-launch, and maintain their marketing stages. Furthermore, the most significant share was instigated by Mark and Spencer with the remaining budget going to the Food and Clothing business entities. The campaign began shortly on November 7, displaying a 90-second Hero Ad through TV, Twitter First View, Display, VOD, Facebook, and a 60-second version on Instagram. The Ad aimed at reaching 25-year-olds within the United Kingdom with numbers standing at 13 million on Facebook and Instagram alone in three days. After launching the Ad, the Sustain level followed. The target was five core audiences via all channels. The advert went offline during Black Friday, the Cyber Monday re-launch with it highlighting a 30-second cut down across Instagram and Facebook.

Paddington Bear also pushed the strategy on Mark and Spencer take over in Twitter. It allowed folks to tweet on Mark and Spencer’s timeline and receive feedback on Paddington Bear. The next level was the maintenance stage. In this stage, Food Creatives drove people into the store. They also launched a chat box so that customers can inquire about the information they know nothing about. The results of the Ad launch were successful as it reached an audience of 23 million people on social media delivering up to 150 million impressions. The tease stage brought about high views at a low cost. The Twitter phase was also a success. The launch phase too produced excellent results with the numbers standing at 15 million people and close to 5 million views. Another firm that was congratulated during the awards was Telegraph Financial Solutions. It is a branch of the newspaper outlet trying to diversify its revenue flow. Telegraph Equity Release was re-launched on 14 February 2017 with new partner Responsible Life.


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