Technology Headlines in 2018


In six months’ time, the technology sector has reviewed a couple of hot headlines. Mark Zuckerberg apologised for the security breach that released private information of close to 87 million users. The FCC is demolishing net neutrality regulations and rules, though the consumers are pushing for open and non-breach able internet platforms. Other news includes Uber’s self-drive car accidents. They are discussed in detail below. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and GDPR are the woes that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and co-founder of Facebook faced. The loss of the data of 87 million people was detrimental to the image that Facebook portrayed.

Also, claims went round that data from your friends could be retrieved via your network. It raised questions about Facebook’s dedication to the service it offers its users. Through the General Data Protection Regulation, the EU is new, strict regulation scaling the governing of online firms collect your data. It is considered a separate item. Facebook took the top spot in the accusations. In other headlines, the Federal Communications Commission Chairperson, Ajit Pai, rolled back the laws protecting the open internet. The rules were set in June last year which brought an outrage from different forums. It has prompted other states to enact their net neutrality laws. If they come through, an offender might face legal charges soon.

In other headlines, Fortnight took over at the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds where it famed for the battle royal style of gameplay. The game is available on most consoles, PC’s, and iPhones. AT &T won its legal dispute against the Justice Department. It got a compensation of $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner. On the other side, Walt Disney is putting an effort in securing the sale of Fox’s Entertainment assets. It is underway despite Comcast’s efforts to steal them away from Walt Disney. Avengers, Deadpool prove comic book movies are still top notch. In the latest Avengers movie of the Infinity War, the film acted as a cultural benchmark that became popular among the movie fanatics.

Previous rattle about how boring comic book movies were ceased after the release of Avengers. Deadpool 2 came up and restored the confidence in comic book movies. President Donald Trump has surprised many as he helped Chinese company ZTE. The company was doomed as a ban by the US Commerce Department against transacting business deals. ZTE was to lose access to core mechanisms like Qualcomm and crucial parts of Google’s Android. The president gave them a fair settlement in regards to the jobs the firm is providing American citizens.


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