Techniques from Various Games like Fortnite Could Be Borrowed to the Classrooms.


Some techniques can be borrowed from video games like Fortnite and be transferred to the classrooms. This way, it will make the lessons more engaging. The shooting and survival game has proven to be a popular game that was launched in 2017. However, some primary schools based in wales have called upon parents to pay attention to offer guidance on the 12+ rated online game. One head teacher said that children have grown to become addicts of the game. They play it till late night that has negatively impacted on their learning capacity. The most famous version of the game is the Free Fortnite. It’s a battle royale where more than 100 players can play against each other. They fight in a progressively small area to be the last person standing on the battle ground. One game expert Steffan Powell said that the game has been a massive runaway hit.

Steffan went on to say that the game is free to play, you only need to add some cartoony graphics inside. The play controls are easy to handle and the game is so swift to pick. The people behind the game are constantly changing and tweaking it. This gives the players new staff to try out all the time. Gamers have the liberty to influence and learn from each other as there are Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing the game all the time. This way, gamers get to share their experiences with other gamets across the World using those social networks. This can be the reason as to why many people have taken the Fortnite game to their hearts. It also explains why they always go home early after school or even after work so that they can play for a couple of hours before they retire to bed.

A teacher in a community Primary School in Cwmbran, Laura Perret said that several head teachers have highlighted their advices about the Fortnite game and have included them on newsletters and twitter feeds. She said that the move is massive at the moment. Teachers have heard a lot regarding the Fortnite game in school from the students. It can be described as a wave that is sweeping the students. The advisable age for students to play is twelve. This is not even the age for primary school pupils. This way, teachers are left with no choice than to notify the parents about the game and also ensure when they allow their children to play the game.


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