Olympic Star Michael Phelps Sits Down with Talkspace to Discuss Advocacy


Talkspace is a trusted and reputable provider of online mental health services to people suffering from a wide range of mental health issues. The company allows those who are struggling to access mental health services to find the health care they need from the comfort of their home or office and at a time that is convenient for them. Talkspace has recently teamed up with Olympic star, Michael Phelps, to participate in a television campaign aimed at reducing the stigma associated with people suffering from mental health issues.

Talkspace and Phelps hope that sharing the swimmer’s personal story, struggles, and the path to recovery from anxiety and depression may help others get the help they need.

In addition to being a well-known personality and a great spokesperson for improving mental health treatment access and overall outcomes, Phelps is also doing more than just acting as a face for reducing mental health stigma. He is also joining the board of advisors at Talkspace to help guide their strategy in terms of services offered outreach.

Phelps brings a lot to the advisory board at Talkspace. He is well versed in mental health advocacy and he supports a focus on data-driven solutions that utilize various forms of technology to help improve mental health outcomes for people around the world.

As members of the Talkspace advisory board note, mental health care is a topic that has been getting an increased amount of press and attention in recent years. Included in those discussions are calls for improved mental health care treatments that allow everyone access to the options they need to live a flourishing life, despite any mental health issues they may be dealing with. Access to readily available and affordable mental health care treatment is something that has been a real issue for decades, and thanks to advocacy efforts from people like Phelps this is starting to change.

Sadly though, mental health as a public health issue seems to often come up in the wake of a tragedy. The people like Phelps and the staff at Talkspace want to see the conversation get much wider, encompassing all who suffer from mental health issues and the problem of lack of care. While there is more of a spotlight on the subject – which is a good thing – the stigma and other negative associations surrounding mental health issues are often reinforced in the news. This continues to be one of the biggest barriers to people being open about their issues, as well as seeking treatment for them.

Being a champion of Phelps’ caliber and struggling with mental health issues helps reinforce the idea that mental illness can affect anyone. To see someone like Phelps open up about his struggles and what he had to go through to get back to a good place helps people understand that they are not alone. This message of solidarity and love can be incredibly powerful.

The television spot Phelps produced with Talkspace was incredibly open and intimate. In it, he discusses spending days alone in a room, contemplating whether or not to end his life, before ultimately seeking therapy which saved his life. The ad debuted at the end of May, during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Continuing with efforts such as the partnership with Phelps helps to reduce the stigma often associated with people who suffer from mental health issues, as well as encourage people to seek the help that they need, or to simply act as part of an important support network for someone who you know and love that is struggling with mental health issues.

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