New App Available for Taxi Riders in the UK


Cab Comparison is a new app that is set to launch on August 1, 2018. It allows people to compare the prices of different cabs in their city. It also allows people to book cabs anywhere from 15 minutes to three months in advance. The app was created by Lindsey Anthony.

Lindsey stated that there have been a lot of changes made in the taxi industry in the United Kingdom. She stated that she is shocked that more people are not embracing this new technology. That is why she decided to take matters in her own hand and create this app.

Cab Comparison combines elements of the 21st century with the traditional taxi industry. There are several benefits that come along with using this app. For example, customers do not even have to worry about carrying cash on them. They can pay in advance using the app if they have a credit card.

Lindsey stated that Cab Comparison makes it easier for people to compete with companies like Lyft and Uber. She hopes that the app will allow taxi companies to get more work. She also stated that she hopes that more people will start using taxis instead of ride sharing companies.

Michael Williams is the owner of Vision Cabs. He stated that he is delighted to be a part of the Cab Comparison company. He likes all of the benefits that come along with using it. He likes the fact that he is able to set his own rates. Additionally, he is able to manage driver ability and arrange for airport transportation.

This app can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store. If you want to know more about Cab Comparison, then you will need to visit You can also call 0333 444 1 555 for more information.


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