Microsoft- New Foldable Tablet Not Ready To Be Launched This Year


For a long while now, most have heard about the rumors surfacing from Microsoft about a new device they are working on. It is a mini-tablet device that will be the first foldable device they have created. It is called the Surface Phone. The reasoning behind making a device that can be folded is to give users a bigger screen that can fold down smaller when needed for carrying or traveling with.

New Reports On Surface Phone

While the anticipated release of the new foldable phone was due out this year, new reports are stating that the release may be pushed until next year. It has been sited that the hardware for the new device is needing to be updated and reworked. Inside sources are claiming that the company was not happy with the way it was performing and needed extra time to get things right before they release it to the public. This has set the release back quite a few months already at this point in time.

The only good thing about the reports is that we are still seeing it being worked on and it has yet to be killed off. Thousands of people are eagerly awaiting its release and have even started a petition asking Microsoft to release it and not cancel their plans to.

What Is Known So Far

With the information that Microsoft has officially released, it seems that the Surface Phone is going to be a type of smartphone. However, because of the newest technology they are using to develop it with, the company might not release it as a smartphone device and may change the name completely because they say it is a pocket-sized device that is a new category never released thus far.

Newer Operating System

This new pocket-sized device is going to run on a different and new type of operating system called Andromeda OS. It is basically a phone-style version of Windows 10. It will be a modular operating system because it will have the ability to add and remove small bits of software depending on the type of hardware that will be installed in each device.

Microsoft’s last mobile product release was not as successful as they had hoped. This is why they are wanting to ensure their product is perfectly made before they decide to release it to the public that is anticipating it to be a great release.


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