MEPs are set to Vote on A Controversial Copyright Law.


According to reports, MEPs are yet to vote on significant changes to the copyright law. The law has immensely divided experts in the field. It has indeed proved to be controversial. Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle wrote to the politicians and urged them to support the new changes on the copyright lawfully. The new law intended to foster great responsibility on an individual level. All private websites will regularly be checked for any copyright infringements. However, Sir Tim Berners-lee who is the web inventor together with other individual expressed their concerns regarding the newly proposed rules and regulations. The group claimed that the rules are meant to deprive and threaten the freedom that Internet experiences.

According to reports, the Copyright Directive is meant to bring rules around the information in line with the modern technology. The full controversial parts of the law are articles 11 and 13. The first primary intention of the law is to provide equity remuneration for the publishers and also prevent any online information sharing platforms and all news aggregators that share links without having to pay a fee for them. According to opponents, the fee has been termed as ‘link tax’. This has immensely raised questions and concern about who will be responsible for paying the fee and how much will it cost. The breakdown of article 13 requires all platform and websites to enforce the newly introduced copyright laws. This is could also mean that any site that permits users to post images, texts, code or even sound will be required to have a means by which they will access and filter the information.

Sympathizers of the new rule have been reported to say that it will significantly improve the copyright rules. It will provide the intellectual property that is needed. It means property protection to video content and news. A letter from Sir Paul McCartney addressed that some individuals upload video contents and the responsible platforms don’t compensate the artists for their creativity. The music creators are also not paid for their efforts. Sir Paul stated that this was not to be expected as these platforms reap hefty profits from the works of all these music creators and artists. The new law will ensure that the music developers and artists won’t be exploited. The article 13 is meant to address the value gap and assist in assuring a sustainable future for the entire music fraternity. This includes the fans, music developers and other digital music services.


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