Jeff Bezos becomes the wealthiest man after beating Bill Gates in the new Rich list.


Amazons’ founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos is reported to be the wealthiest man on earth with a worth of $150 billion, which is equivalent to 113 billion euros. The news was first released by Bloomberg. Bezos worth has gradually increased in the last twelve months by around $60 billion. This significant increase has made him the richest man in the world after beating the then richest man, Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos worth has immensely elevated compared to that of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates.

Bill Gates has previously been named the richest man in the world until the latest challenge that has been posed by Jeff Bezos. Bill Gates at one time even reached his peak in 1999. He dominated the rich list. By then, the Microsoft boss was around $100 billion rich that could precisely be $149 billion today if the figures are accustomed for inflation. Currently, Bill Gates is the second richest man on earth with a worth of $95 billion. This is after he gave out 700 million Microsoft shares and also gave out $2.9 billion in cash since the year 1996. Bloomberg reported that Bill Gates gave out the assets and cash to the newly formed Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Jeff Bezos reported that he would be selling $1billion of Amazons’ Stock annually so that he can manage to fund the Blue project. This is the latest project that he had founded that will immensely develop commercial space travel. However, it’s not the first time that Jeff Bezos has topped the rich list. He at one time outshined Bill gates in the July of 2017. He briefly overtook the Microsoft boss topping the World’s rich list. He became the richest but only for a short span of time before Bill Gates reclaimed his position. According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos again became second in the rich list when the Amazon’s stock’s value fell drastically.

The great news of Jeff Bezos being the richest man on earth came at the time when Amazon was busy preparing for its major prime Day sale that is set to take place on 16th July. The day was borrowed in Germany, Poland and Spain where workers went on strike over the working conditions. Tefanie Nutzenberger from Germany noted that Amazon was growing richer while it saved hefty amounts of cash that was supposed to be set for the health of the workers. Amazon made it clear that the workers were being paid well.


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