How technology has massively changed the face of FIFA World Cup making it fan for the people to watch.


If you have not heard, the World Cup season has been better and more formidable this time. Given that the world tournament takes place after four years, it has been the perfect time to reflect on all the technological changes that have been made in the most significant stage of football. The changes have transformed how people were watching the greatest and impressive game of football. The tournament is regarded as the greatest sporting event on Earth. Since the tournament was rolled out, there has not been another sport that is much adored and followed like the World Cup. To be precise, various technological advancements have made everything at the tournament better and fascinating. Everything from the resolution to the memes is just so appealing. The tournament has received a significant boost this year.

There has been a massive difference in the advancement of internet streaming. Much growth has been witnessed in that sector. This effort has also been combined with the occurrence of the unlimited data that has made the tournament matches more comfortable and enjoyable to steam. Four years ago, things were a bit different. One would be sprinting to witness a penalty shoot-out that your friend was talking about, which you even did not know it existed. Then, there were no options like streaming services like the ones that are there this year.

FIFA 2018 Russia has been much better and entirely different. People can comfortably catch up all the matches while they calmly walk back home from the subway. This has been made possible through streaming in HD via social media accounts like YouTube. This round, you did not have to run to your neighbor’s house to watch the penalty shoot-out that is considered very thrilling and heartbreaking. In the comfort of your bed and couch, you can entirely experience and watch the team’s battle in the Russian arenas. This is the exact point where technology has made everything better than before.

It would be stupid if one does not recognize the point at which technology has enabled the World Cup to be great than before. One can be able to watch the matches with friends and also steam the previous games. WhatsApp and Messenger have also become the crucial social media platforms to commiserate and communicate with friends talking about how the matches transpired. This is the joy of technology. Technology has been able to bring people of different races, background and nations together. This is just how sports is meant to unite people.


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