Facebook Wants To Help You Find Dates, Other Dating Apps Are Not All That Pleased


Facebook announced just a couple of months ago that it intends to break into the dating technology space. That is to say that the world’s largest social network wants to use its massive amount of information on you and your friends to try to help pair you up. Now, this kind of idea has received its fair share of criticism to be sure. People are asking the question of why a person would want to be on a dating website where their parents follow them in the first place. However, perhaps no one is more against this whole concept than other dating websites themselves.

Dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and others are for the most part not all that pleased that Facebook is thinking about stepping into their territory. They have put out statements that have largely been critical of Facebook entering this space. They have even gone to the extreme of saying that Facebook has done a simple copy/paste job of the work that they have already put out there for themselves. Regardless of the accuracy of that statement, there is little doubt that the dating websites are by and large freaking out.

Slate does point out that one competitor has not exactly taken the same approach to this news as the others. Bumble has instead been very congratulatory of Facebook and talked about how they have reached out to the social network to see how the two could collaborate. Some are saying that this break from the pack is obviously because Bumble is seeking a buyer and hopes to simply be acquired by Facebook. Having kind things to say about Facebook may be an indication of their larger goal.

We still do not really know anything about what Facebook intends to do with its service or how the dating portion of our favorite social media website will work. All that we do know is that it is going to be a change from the Facebook that we are used to seeing today. It may take a while to get used to, but at least we know that they are still experimenting and trying to keep things interesting for users. We may just have to be thankful in the end that we at least have a lot of options when it comes to finding a date online. We could try out a number of different approaches until we find what we are looking for.


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