A Student Commits Suicide at the University of Swansea after a Whatsapp Mistake.


A medical student at Swansea University in the United Kingdom ended his dear life after a wrong WhatsApp text about a romance scandal with a classmate went viral on social media. The brief relationship between Newport Coroner and Edward Senior had gone viral on the Whatsapp social media platform. The romance relationship between the two was viewed by hundreds of students. The ordeal led the Swansea University to exclude the medical student from lecturers as a punishment. The whole story was hurting for the medical student who felt as if the world had come crashing down on him. The 22-year-old medical student was later found dead hanging on a block of wood in Monmouthshire.

The student, whose full names are Senior Coroner Wendy James, had some last words that were so remorseful. He said that having a family was an extraordinary thing in a person’s life. However, a family couldn’t assist him to get through a stressful period like the one he was going through at the moment. The student was not aware of what the consequences would be. Probably he felt so embarrassed, overwhelmed and isolated from the whole ordeal. It’s very usual for very young students to make such kind of mistakes. The major problem with James was that he dwelled so much on the one mistake that he made. This affected him psychologically. He was not able to handle the situation alone. Probably he needed a friend to assist him, but everyone was in a different position mocking him, laughing and pointing fingers.

Before Coroner’s demise, he had returned to his family that lives in Raglan, Monmouthshire. The Swansea University medical student was said to be very distraught. On the morning that he was found hanging on a block of wood in his own home, he had earlier informed his family that he was very preoccupied. Miss James later recorded a suicide statement where she noted that Coroner ended his life because of the effects of posting private content on social media platforms. Miss James confirmed that Coroner had made a private forum in his WhatsApp app, but his colleagues took the message public without knowing the consequences that would come with their deeds. The message made Coroner to become excluded from very major lectures. Coroner probably felt that his future as a doctor was in total jeopardy. Also, he was unable to face the pressure that was ballooning around him from the students all the way to the lecturers.


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