A home security Camera sends clips to a wrong user.


A leading security camera technology company sent footage from inside a family apartment to a wrong user’s application. Swann Security Company blamed the data breach error for a factory that made the device. Last month, another consumer complained of the same incident. The customer reported that the version of the same application had received a video from a bar’s CCTV system. Swann security revealed that it was making efforts to recover the kit that was involved in the second incident. In the meantime, the security firm alerted the United Kingdom’s data privacy watchdog of the scenarios that had taken place.

The information commissioner’s office reported that Swann Communications that is based in Europe had made them aware of the two incidents that occurred and that they were committed to making further inquiries. The commissioner asked the public that if they had any issue about how their data was being handled, which they should never hesitate to inform them. They should take action and contact the commissioner immediately. The Swann security company is owned by a group known as Infinova. The firm is a US-based security camera expert that has offices all over the world. BBC media learned of the incidence on Saturday. This was after a staff member started to receive motion-triggered clips from an unknown family’s home. Louisa Lewis only received clip from her own security camera. She has been using the camera since last year December, and she has never received such strange clips before.

However, there was a coincidence development that occurred with Louisa’s Swann camera that had run out of power and required immediate recharging. Louisa reported that she was not in her house and that she had received several alerts from the camera. Louisa recalled how surprised she was when she received a video clip that was not that of her house. She revealed that she first ignored the clip as it might have been an error. Later on, she received other multiple alerts which triggered her mind that she should contact Swann and consult them about the issue.

The videos that had been sent to Louisa’s phone had automatically downloaded themselves. The clip featured a woman and a man who was passing close to the camera. There was also a child’s voice that could be heard in the background. The Swann customer representative alerted Louisa that nothing could be done till the weekend was over. After the matter was flagged to the organization’s PR agency on Monday, Louisa stopped receiving the alerts.


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