You Can Now Disable Targeted Ads in Google


Google is giving users greater control over the type of ads they see. According to ZDNet, users can now disable targeted ads from within their Google account settings. When enabled for a particular advertiser, this feature prevents the advertiser from targeting the user with ads. The user may still see ads from the advertiser, but they won’t see personalized ads.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to target users with ads based on a user’s age, gender, interests. While an effective marketing and sales tactic, some users feel that it violates their privacy. Business may create personalized ads that resonate with a user’s interests, leading the user to believe the business has been harvesting their personal information for advertising purposes. To create greater transparency and protect users’ privacy, Google now allows users to disable targeted ads as these.

To disable targeted ads, users must log in to their Google account and access the Ad Settings page. From here, users must click the “Ad personalization” button to turn off targeted ads. This option prevents all targeted ads from displaying.

Users can choose to block targeted ads from specific businesses as well. On their Ad Settings page, users will see a list of all advertisers who are targeting them with ads. Clicking the “turn off” button will disable targeted ads from the respective advertiser.

Google has also updated the Ad Settings page so that users can see how the targeted ads they see are personalized. When a user signs up for a new Gmail, YouTube or any other Google-related account, he or she provides the search engine giant with personal information like their name, date of birth and location, and businesses can then target that users with ads based on this information. Now, however, Google users can see how they are being targeted with ads. The newly updated Ad Settings Page shows users the criteria on which they are being targeted, such as gender, and how it obtained this information.


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