“Waterproof” May Not Mean What You Think It Means


When it comes to your gadgets, the label of waterproof can be a comforting one. Everyone has the fear of dropping their smartphone or tablet into water and it getting ruined, but most new gadgets have at least some level of waterproofing, at least enough to keep them from getting ruined if you drop it in water for a moment. Many devices are now labeled “waterproof,” but it’s important to know exactly what that term means before you take your smartphone with you for a swim.

Waterproof ratings begin with something known as the IP scale. This number is given by a company in Switzerland that is not affiliated with any technology manufacturer. This rating is given to devices to show how resistant they are to both solid particles and water. The first number tells you how your gadget reacts to solid elements. The second number on the IP scale relates to the length of time your device can be underwater and at what depth. These numbers can be confusing and may have more meaning than what is on the surface. It is important to research the IP rating given to your gadget before exposing it to water for any length of time. Just because a device is waterproof does not mean it will survive in your pocket for an extend swim in the deep end of a pool.

You may see some other vocabulary on your device that is related to the word waterproof, such as water resistant and splash resistant. Be aware that these words do not have the seem meaning as waterproof and you should make sure to avoid getting your product wet. These devices are only resilient to water in small quantities.

In the event that your gadget does go underwater, all hope is not lost. Most devices can usually be fixed as long as you remove it from the water as soon as possible. You will need to begin by opening your device to dry out all of its components. The water actually does not damage your device, but minerals and other elements in the water will. You need to take everything apart and carefully dry out every piece. Your device should be okay once everything is dried and reassembled.

Remember to read your device’s manual and check the IP rating before submerging it in water. The description of waterproof is more complicated than simply saying you can put your device in water.


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