The Society of the Future Will Have Freedom at Heart and will be driven by Tech


It is pretty weird, but Spotify has your taste in music at its fingertips better than you do. This is the promise that has been made by artificial intelligence and other predictive technologies. During that last gathering of the leading tech investors in Europe, the main agenda was technological integration in business for better returns and better consumer brand experience. We all have different tastes in music and having a company that can identify your favorite playlist using technology is ecstatic to say at the least. Spotify can pick up the tunes and songs that you like and open you to music that you would never have found by yourself. The company has made use of machine learning and artificial intelligence-enabled systems to give their consumers an enriched lyrical experience and the ability to impress family and friends using the playlists.

However, these new technologies have raised questions of self-identity, values, and choice. Ethical specialists have argued that personal discovery should be an accidental and meaningful endeavor that does not depend on an algorithm that has been developed by fellow human beings. Other have brought forward the discussion that the ability to choose what we will is the price we will have to pay for progress. However, it is quite funny that most of the people in the modern society do not care at all. The technological advancements in the 21st century have sought to enhance personal freedoms that were thought impossible just a decade ago. The birth of the internet barely two decades ago has brought innovations that have changed human life significantly. People can now communicate with friends and family, sometimes thousands of miles apart, on a real-time basis through Facebook and other social media platforms.

There is a theory that states that for each push of industrial progress life can always be made more accessible. The narrative also says that that human beings can ditch the mundane responsibilities and put our minds to more efficient and resourceful use. The narrative has also given oxygen to the boundless optimism that we currently see in the tech industry players regarding where we can go as a planet courtesy of technological developments. For instance, Tech giant Google plans to launch a technology that will be known as Duplex later in the year. This duplex technology will fulfill the tasks that are undertaken by human beings in the real world using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet.


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