The Red Hen Yelp becomes a Net Battlefield


The social media Yelp platform of the Red Hen hotel has recently become a political battlefield. This is after the US president Donald Trump media secretary was thrown out from the restaurant. The press secretary, Sarah Sanders was kicked out as a protest against Donald Trump’s administration. The scenario has led both detractors and supporters of president Trump to cause traffic to the page to upload photos and other politically charged comments.

Currently, the administration of the Yelp page is actively trying to help by detecting and listing all negative comments. The officials are trying to get it cleaned up. In a message that was posted on the page, it addressed that several individuals had to comment under a specific influence. They were motivated more by the news coverage than the reviewer’s personal customer experience with the investment. Reports stated that Ms Sander was forced to leave from where she sat in the eatery. This was on 22nd of June. The staff of the restaurant started to protest about the presence of the owner of the Red Hen restaurant. The action that took place in the eatery is believed to be influenced by the US government’s controversial policy. The policy of separating migrant minors from their families and parents. The policy triggered an international outcry that made President Trump rethink his decision on the policy.

President Trump went on to comment saying that the Red Hen eatery shouldn’t have asked a respectable person like Sanders to leave the restaurant. The unstoppable Trump told the restaurant that it should address more of its attention to cleaning its filthy doors, canopies and windows. They whole eatery badly needed a painting job. It shouldn’t have thrown out an honorable patriot like Huckabee Sanders. Trump summarized the tweet saying that he always had a rule that said if a restaurant is dirty from the outside, it’s always dirty on the inside.

Before the events that took place on 22nd of June, over 5,000 people had left multiple reviews of the Red hen eatery. The restaurant is located in Lexington, Virginia. Surprisingly, most of the reviews were positive. From that day onwards, the figure of reviews has tripled. However, the vast number of the negative reviews has seen the restaurant’s star tumble. Additionally, many people annotated their reviews with photos criticizing Trumps administration. Others have lauded the restaurant, while others have supported the eatery staff for the stance that they pulled.


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