The Details Behind Bethesda’s E3 Conference


As of this writing, the current E3 festival is still going strong. However, a few major video game companies have already finished their presentations. One of these companies is Bethesda. This company isn’t a yearly presenter like larger companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, and EA. That being said, this company certainly had a lot of information to present to the public this year. With that in mind, here are the main points of Bethesda’s 2018 E3 press conference.

Rage 2
Bethesda kicked off their recent E3 conference with more information about their upcoming game Rage 2. This is a sequel to Rage, a first-person shooter video game released in 2011. While many didn’t expect this sequel to be announced, it was a welcome surprise for many in attendance. Kotaku noted that the Andrew WK concert to begin the introduction of Rage 2 for Bethesda’s conference did seem “spirited if awkward.”

Doom: Eternal
Another quick but important announcement was the one made for Doom: Eternal. This upcoming release is the sequel for Doom, a massive hit on both video game consoles and PCs in 2016. Of course, Doom: Eternal is another sequel in a long line of titles for this franchise. While the public only saw a quick trailer, it looked impressive.

The Fallout 76 Panic
Bethesda’s presentation reached a pivotal point as more information about Fallout 76 became public. While many thought this game would be an official sequel, many fans were in for a shock. Fallout 76 will be entirely online, something that has drawn the ire of fans in the gaming community. In addition, Fallout 76 will feature no NPCs, short for non-playable characters. These are major deviations from the norm of the Fallout gaming franchise that many have grown accustomed to.

A Few Announcements for Next-Gen Consoles
Before Bethesda’s presentation was over, there were a few fast announcements for next-gen consoles. Considering there is no official release date for these consoles, information is severely limited. However, a teaser for The Elder Scrolls: 6 did draw a wave of cheers from the crowd.

In closing, video game company Bethesda recently gave their E3 2018 presentation. While hardly any presentation is ever perfect for the gaming public, this one did receive mixed reactions. While many were excited about sequels for Rage and Doom, the changes coming to the Fallout franchise has certain Bethesda fans feeling skeptical.


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