Netflix Secures Rights for Interactive ‘Minecraft’ Series


Netflix is constantly expanding its library of exclusive content. The streaming video service currently includes roughly 700 original series and movies. As reported by TechCrunch, Netflix is planning to add another series to its lineup: “Minecraft.”

This won’t be an ordinary TV show, however. Rather, it will allow viewers to provide input to control the outcome of the show. Netflix says the upcoming “Minecraft” series isn’t a video game, but sources say it will have game-like qualities. An interactive “Minecraft” series would certainly be a different direction for the streaming video service. Considering the unparalleled popularity surrounding this video game, though, it would likely attract a substantial amount of views.

While details remain scant, Netflix has reportedly partnered with the independent video game developer Telltale Games to develop the new series. The California-based developer has worked on several hit games, including the critically acclaimed “The Walking Dead” series. In “The Walking Dead” games, players watch animated scenes while selecting their character’s actions. Controls are limited, but there’s still some level of manual input required. “The Walking Dead” games have all received high scores from the leading video game review websites. On Metacritic, all six of the games have received a critic rating of 80 to 92 out of 100.

Since Telltale Games is developing Netflix’s “Minecraft” series, it may follow a similar design in which players perform basic commands like choosing character dialog and actions between cutscenes.

Originally released November 18, 2011, “Minecraft” is a sandbox survival and crafting video game for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and several other platforms. While controlling a character, the player must harvest stone, wood and other resources, which they can use to build structures. “Minecraft” has a simple, block-based design that lacks the detail-rich aesthetics of many modern games, but that’s what makes it great. People of all ages, including children, enjoy playing “Minecraft” because of its simplicity.

“Minecraft” has become such a hit that Microsoft proceeded to buy it for $2.5 billion in 2014. Now, fans of the popular sandbox game may soon see a “Minecraft” series available on Netflix.


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