Mozilla Launches Test Pilot for New Firefox Features


Mozilla has launched a new online portal where users can download and test new Firefox features before they are rolled out to the public. Known as Test Pilot, it’s designed to help Mozilla improve its web browser. As reported by TechCrunch, Test Pilot users can provide feedback on the new features, allowing Firefox to optimize its browser for a more positive user experience.

So, what kind of experimental Firefox features can you find in Test Pilot? The portal currently offers four features, one of which is Firefox Color. This visualized feature allows users to easily change the color scheme of their web browser. Users can select colors for specific areas of their browser and even change background textures. If this sounds too difficult, though, users can select from one of Firefox’s preset themes to automatically update their browser with a new look.

Another feature available in Test Pilot is Side View. Basically, this creates a sidebar in the user’s browser where he or she can load an additional web page. Side View eliminates the need for opening a new window or tab. Users can click the Side View button to open a new web page in their current tab’s sidebar. This feature would likely prove beneficial for widescreen monitors as it allows for more efficient use of the display area. According to Mozilla, Side View is mobile friendly, meaning that all web pages opened in the user’s sidebar are accessible on smartphones and tablets.

A third experimental feature that Firefox users can try is Notes. As the name suggests, this feature adds a notepad to the user’s browser. Notes supports account-wide synchronization with complete data encryption.

Finally, Send is an experimental feature that allows users to share files up to 1GB with other users. Once a user has uploaded a file, Firefox will provide them with a download URL. This URL is good for a single download or 24 hours, whichever comes first.

Once the dominant web browser in the United States, Firefox has fallen behind its competitors. Statistics show that Google Chrome accounts for more than 60 percent of the web browser market while Microsoft Internet Explorer accounts for 12.18 percent. Coming in third place is Firefox at 11.47 percent. Perhaps Test Pilot will help Firefox recapture some of its lost territory in the web browser market.


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