Microsoft Updates Its Android Launcher With Parental Controls


Microsoft has updated its Android Launcher with parental control features. As reported by TechCrunch, the new Launcher allows parents to track the location of their kids. Using this feature, parents can see the exact location of their kids in their device’s news feed. However, this is just one of many parental control features included in the updated.

The new Microsoft Launcher also allows parents to see which apps their kids are using and for how long. This features follows in the footsteps of Microsoft family, a free service that provides parents with insight into their kids’ device usage. Statistics show that teenagers spend up to five hours on their smartphone each day. Parents who want to curb their kids’ smartphone addiction can use Microsoft Launcher to see how long their kids are using their device.

Additionally, the new Microsoft Launcher allows parents to blacklist websites. If a parent doesn’t want his or her child to access a specific website, the parent can blacklist that website on their kid’s device. However, this feature only works with the Edge web browser; it does not work for Chrome, Firefox or other browsers.

Finally, Microsoft is launching a kid-friendly news website. Known as MSN Kids, it features news and current events that’s relevant for kids between the ages of 5 and 13. When speaking about MSN Kids, Microsoft’s Shilpa Ranganathan said the website pulls articles from the reputable publishers like USA Today, National Geographic and Time for Kids.

Released October 2015, Microsoft Launcher is a lightweight, versatile application launcher for Google’s mobile operating system. It brings new features to Android devices by changing the function of the home button. Once installed, pressing the home button on an Android device brings up a personalized news feed that’s connected with the user’s other Microsoft-powered devices. The overall design of Microsoft Launcher is highly customizable. For instance, users can elect to use Bing’s daily wallpaper as the background for their home or lock screen.

It’s important to note that Microsoft Launcher is only available for Android. The iOS code prohibits the use of third-party application launchers. Microsoft Launcher is available to download for free on Google Play.


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