Beta Access for Fallout 76 Available with Preorder


The recent Bethesda announcement of Fallout 76’s release date for November 14 is leaving many Fallout fans eager to jump back into the wasteland that they know and love. Followers of the series absolutely cannot wait to explore the country roads of the West Virginia map after the exciting released at E3 2018.

While fans won’t be able to get their hands on the game until November, news has now surfaced about the game’s preorder and availabilty of beta access. Fallout 76 is a well-publicized title with a huge following so fans definitely will have to reserve their copy as soon as possible if they want to be able to snag a copy of a collector’s edition.

Announcements of beta access for the game have been officially released and Xbox owners are rejoicing at the opportunity to receive the game’s beta version before any other platform. The game is now available for preorder on the Microsoft Store as well as Walmart and Best Buy.

With so many rumors about Fallout 76 and fans questioning the multiplayer aspect of the game, the next chapter of Fallout is now one of the most talked about upcoming titles on the scene today. As more information of the game is slowly released, anticipation is only expected to keep building up between now and November. Will the game only feature a multiplayer mode or will fans still be available to enjoy the rich story elements that come with single-player gameplay? How much of a role will the mysterious Moth Man play in the future Fallout title? These questions and many more when the game finally drops on November 14. In the meantime, fans can be excited about the news of beta access and the wide variety of exclusive memorabilia and gear that comes with the exclusive preorder options.


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