Apple’s iPhone New Generation


Though some may tend to discredit it, the tech world is the fastest growing industry in the globe. With companies offering these services inventing new things day by day, competition is on the rise. The contest isn’t just between countries, but also between the companies within the same region. Silicon Valley is the world’s hub for tech companies, but other countries are starting up projects which will enable them to become America’s potential contenders.

However, the tech industry has been facing accusations from its users ranging from violation of privacy to fake ads. Some of the tech companies have been forced to apologize to their users for the faults encountered while using them. While other companies have been focusing on apologizing and promising inexistence of those mistakes in future, Apple has been developing.

During an annual conference for developers at San Jose in California, the company showcased how they are dancing around tech. This convention by Apple featured Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief. While tech is essential for the society, there have been blame of obsession that is one of its dark sides. Apple has adopted a new approach to tech on its devices directed to tackling some of the problems related to tech, including obsession.

At this conference, Apple publicized its numerous methods of allowing people limit the amount of time they spend on their gadgets. Screen Time, for example, is a tool which permits iPhone users to manage the amount of time they use their phones. In fact, it extends these regulations to how much time a user spends on specific applications. Sometimes it becomes hard for parents to regulate their children from using their gadgets and this tool to limit them.

According to Craig Federighi, Apple found the need to address the impact of its iPhone’s impact on day-to-day life on its users. In as much as it is a solution to obsession, its relationship with other tech companies may heat up. The heating is possible since some of these tech companies earn depending on how much time people use their gadgets. Also, Apple plans to make its Watch independent from the Smartphone.

The new iPhone can turn a user’s face into an emoji. It is animated such that it can detect any move made on the front. While other tech industries rush towards tech advance, Apple focuses on enhancing privacy such as deactivation of ads. Though Apple benefits from people’s obsession to the social media, Apple’s chief executive Timothy D. Cook said the company puts the customer at the centre of its operations.


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