8 Cool Digital Health Devices for the International Consumer Electronics Show, with Support Help from Robert Deignan

8 Cool Digital Health Devices for the International Consumer Electronics Show, with Support Help from Robert Deignan

Technology blazes ahead at a mind-blowing pace. Each year innovations make old machines obsolete and change our lives forever. Lately, a major trend in technology has been improvements in digital health devices. Tech companies are battling it out to produce technology that helps health-conscious Americans stay healthy.

As Americans become more educated on how to stay healthy, the marriage between health and technology is only natural. Companies are producing wearables that serve more functions than ever before. Just as importantly, companies like ATS Digital Services, headed by Robert Deignan, are providing the customer support that solves all the inevitable technical problems which arise with new technologies. Many of these devices aren’t designed for health nuts or athletes but for the general population. Some can help the elderly connect with emergency personnel after falling.

For those looking to stay on the cutting-edge, look no further than the International Consumer Electronics Show. Innovators from around the world flock to CES to showcase technology they hope will disrupt industries around the world. Here are eight cool digital health devices from CES 2018.

Airthings: Air Quality Monitor

Airthings offers an air quality monitor with an impressive range of capabilities. According to the company, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Airthings’ device is able to detect carbon dioxide, radon, and volatile organic compounds.

The company’s mission statement emphasizes that Airthings is led by a team of scientists devoted to raising people’s awareness of the danger of radon and other air pollutants. The device transmits data on pollutants straight to the user’s smartphone. It helps the user create a healthier indoor air environment, as well as save energy.

Kolibree: Magik Toothbrush

Every parent knows how difficult it can be forcing your children to brush every night. Kolibree presents an innovative and elegant solution with their Magik Toothbrush. Magik is a toothbrush for children that is connected to the smartphone of the child as well as the parent. The toothbrush utilizes technology to identify where in the mouth the child is brushing and how the toothbrush is moving. That way it can analyze how well the child is brushing each section of their mouth.

The application presents a game to children where they strive to eliminate plaque and keep away cavities. Through this game, Kolibree educates children on how to properly brush their teeth. The app also allows parents to review not just how long their child brushed, but how well they brushed. The Kolibree team wanted to provide an easy an affordable way to educate children on how to properly brush. With something as significant as dental hygiene, it’s important to have a customer support team on hand like the one run by Robert Deignan at ATS Digital Services.

Peloton Treadmill

Americans love convenience. We want things to be easy, and we want them now. With so much to get done, the more we can do at home, the better. The Peloton Treadmill aims to satisfy that desire by being a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs.

The Peloton Treadmill includes a mix of strength and cardio workouts at the tips of your fingers. The 32’ HD screen allows you to select from a wide variety of live workouts, including cardio and strength training. You can take any of these classes from the comfort of your home. The treadmill is designed to be low impact, with easily maneuverable knobs to allow you to seamlessly adjust the incline.

Obviously, with so many features, there can be some technical issues. Solving those very issues is the kind of thing that Robert Deignan’s company, ATS Digital Services, thrives on.

E-vone Smart Shoes

As our grandparents and our parents age, technology can assist in allowing them to remain independent for longer. Independent older citizens are a benefit to our entire society. Not only can they contribute to society longer but remaining independent can decrease the cost associated with assisted-living facilities. The longer a grandparent or parent can live on their own or with their own family, the better.

Products like Nest Cams and assistants help us keep an eye on and simplify tasks for the elderly. But E-vone went a step further by designing a shoe that can identify when the wearer of the shoes has fallen and immediately alert emergency personnel. The shoes include onboard monitors, and they don’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi or another device. A great invention to protect our aging population.

L’Oréal UV Sense Monitor

There really is a wearable for everything, or at least there will be soon. The L’Oréal UV Sense Monitor is a battery-less connected device that translates data about sun exposure directly to your smartphone. The device is so small, it can be worn on your fingernail.

L’Oréal wanted to create a device that would help users lower their risk of skin cancer. The company found that when users reviewed the data from their monitor, they were more likely to apply sunscreen or hang out in the shade. L’Oréal hopes continued innovation will help educate the population on the importance of monitoring UV exposure.

Concussion Monitoring Mouthguard

The NFL might want to take notice of this innovative mouthpiece by Prevent Biometrics. Prevent Biometrics has created a mouthguard that can detect whether a player has suffered a concussion. The mouthguard does this by analyzing linear and rotational force sustained by the player. The mouthguard automatically sends that data to an application in which team doctors have easy access to the numbers. It’s vital that there are no disruptions in the stream of data doctors receive, so Prevent Biometrics ought to have someone on hand like Robert Deignan to solve any technical issues.

Prevent Biometrics is working in conjunction with researchers who are trying to investigate the effects of concussions. Their application allows the data of multiple players all wearing the mouthguard to update in real time on a team app. Hopefully, this device goes a long way in helping doctors understand and properly treat concussions.

Aflac Duck

Technology is at its best when it is created in order to help people. Sproutel and Aflac have teamed up to create a device aimed at helping children with cancer feel more comfortable and able to express their emotions. While it may seem like just a regular stuffed animal, the Special Aflac Duck is loaded with sensors that allow the Duck to interact with the cancer patient.

Children can select an emoji representing their emotions, and the Duck will take on those qualities. The Duck also comes equipped so that it can receive chemo, allowing the child a companion on their journey. The Duck was specifically designed to help children with their journey through cancer treatment. The Duck was made to utilize the latest social technology to help comfort a child through these challenging times.

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