Glen Wakeman: Global Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Investor, Thought Leader, Mentor

Glen Wakeman as a Thought Leader Explains Beneficial Concepts to New Businesses

Glen Wakeman is a Miami-based global executive, inventor, mentor, writer, and investor. In 2015, he co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a fully automated software service that helps early stage entrepreneurs organize their ideas into a workable business plan. The software also helps them follow through on the plan as means to obtain venture capital. Through its website, the company offers online business planning services through a SAAS website and utilizes digital marketing to reach its customers. Through the software, users have access to a vast and searchable archive of advice from business authorities all over the globe.


Building the Business


According to the company website, LaunchPad has “done hundreds of capital market transactions, raised hundreds of millions of dollars of new equity and lead large organizations in Fortune 10 companies. The company offers “an energetic ecosystem of advisors, thought leaders, accelerators and capital providers.”


The idea behind LaunchPad Holdings stemmed from Wakeman’s view of the small business environment. In particular, he wondered why so many startups that were led by highly skilled and passionate individuals failed. According to him, this is because many rising entrepreneurs are not aware of the fact that they need clear plans, budgets, and timetables before launching their companies. In other words, he realized that proper business plans are key to a company’s future success as well as sustainability.


Enhancing the Company


Wakeman feels strongly about building businesses by enhancing company as well as individual agility and by implementing a proven methodology that ascertains and improves five key performance dimensions that entrepreneurs ought to focus on as they establish and build their brands. The first dimension is outstanding leadership, which Wakeman feels is irreplaceable. A business leader must possess the skills to communicate goals, motivate employees and effectively ready the team through any changes, whether that is expanding, shifting direction or any other diversion. The next key dimension is understanding the importance of human capital. The mission and sense of purpose must be aligned between the CEO as well as the company employees, who ought to possess the skills required to expand the business. Once the leaders and employees are in position, the team ought to establish efficient step-by-step procedures that ought to balance human talent and advanced technologies. The next performance dimension is having a strong system of governance in which consumer criticisms are taken into consideration and all needed improvements and adjustments are made accordingly. The final performance dimension, according to Wakeman, is the establishment of a risk management program. A business ought to implement a series of contingency plans so that it is ready to face any kinds of disruptions and disasters – from power failures to major fires. In other words, prepared and flexible organizations have better chances of facing and overcoming any potential catastrophes.




Glen Wakeman is a highly successful financial services executive, board member, public company CEO, small business owner, investor and executive mentor. His management background includes having spent over two decades at his old company in progressively complex leadership roles. These include general management, business development, and operations management, all while living and working in US and international markets.


Wakeman is also the founder and president of Nova Four, a business accelerator enterprise that focuses on guiding developing companies by proving strategic advice and access to capital. In order to sustain the improvements offered by Nova Four, Wakeman offers CEO coaching and board duties.


Various Tips


Different forms of teaching, coaching and mentoring have been part of Wakeman’s life for a long time. In addition to the businesses that he has founded that all revolve around sharing his expertise with others as means to help them advance their businesses and careers, Wakeman coaches business executives as well as provides helpful business insights through his personal blog. His posts mostly revolve around topics such as international business, the art of finding financing and several other essential corporate topics. Also, Central to his character is to always seek new challenges, projects and new corporate mountains to climb. His latest interests are machine learning and artificial intelligence. In particular, he is looking for ways in which the two could help advance businesses. Wakeman views machine learning programs as important tools with which companies make data-driven decisions with greater speed and accuracy than was ever possible before.


According to him, curiosity is central and leads to creativity and excellence. Given Wakeman’s entrepreneurial background as well as the high-tech opportunities that he could be pursuing, it is difficult not to be curious about his future plans. One of the projects that he has lined up is “Snarky”, a platform that improves communication as well as the style of presentations as means to deliver the message across more effectively. “My idea is to bring creative and funny writers and artists into the gig economy and into the investor pitch meeting. Snarkify is still under development. We will see where it goes,” he states.


Wakeman obtained his bachelor degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified.




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