New Health Care Technology Benefiting Veterans


Technology is changing our world. VA Black Hills Health Care System is helping veterans with technology. The VA Black Hills Health Care System serves 19,000 veterans around the world. One of the things that they use to help people is Telehealth. This is a video chat system that allows people to communicate with their healthcare providers without going to the office.

Jill Tobin is the nurse manager at VA Black Hills. He stated that many people prefer to see their healthcare provider from the comfort of their own home. Many people have trouble getting out of their home due to the weather or a disability. Veterans can also take advantage of healthcare apps such as Annie and Healthy Vet. Annie sends out text messages that will help people with their treatments.

Charles Henderson is the Connected Health Services Coordinator. He stated that the VA offers a lot more than technology to patients. They also offer physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. The Department of Veterans Affairs in Rapid City will have a benefits fair on May 17, 2018.

Veterans will be able to get information about the various treatments that are available such as mindfulness, yoga and tai chi. These treatments are often used along with conventional medical treatments. They will also get information about other complementary treatments. Additionally, the staff members will get information about different smart phone apps.

Veterans face a variety of health challenges. It is common for them to have mental health problems, musculoskeletal problems, traumatic brain injuries and urologic injuries. That is why many veterans require ongoing medical care for the rest of their lives. Modern technology makes it easy for veterans to get the care that they need. Technology also makes it convenient for people to get the health care services that they need.


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