Microsoft Updating Outlook App With New Design and Features


Microsoft is updating its Outlook app with a new design and several new features. According to The Verge, the online version now includes bill payment reminders. Displayed in a summary above the inbox, it automatically identifies invoices in emails and creates reminders for their due dates.

With’s bill payment reminders, you’ll receive an email reminding you to pay the invoice two days before it’s due. Microsoft says these reminder emails are sent automatically, requiring no additional setup and configuration by the user. will also add these due dates to your calendar, allowing you to see exactly which bills are due and when they are due.

Many service providers and business-to-business (B2B) vendors charge hefty fees for late payments. According to one study, small businesses spend $3 trillion per year in late payment fees alone.’s bill payment reminders, however, is designed to protect business owners and professionals from these otherwise costly fees.

The Windows version of Outlook has been updated with a new feature that suggests meeting locations. The desktop windows app automatically scans the user’s history, including where he or she has conducted meetings in the past, and uses this information to suggest an appropriate meeting location. The app works in conjunction with Bing Search, pulling relevant search listings of prospective meeting locations based on the user’s information. Although this feature is currently only available in the Windows version of Outlook, Microsoft says the iOS version will receive it in the near future.

Both the Windows and online versions of Outlook are being updated with RSVP tracking. Using this feature, you can track who’s going to attend a scheduled meeting and whether you need to attend.

Furthermore, the Windows and Mac versions of Outlook now allow users to specify multiple time zones when scheduling appointments and meetings in their calendar. Previously, users could only specify a single time zone, which often led to problems when a meeting or appointment started in one time zone and ended in a different time zone.

Microsoft is also planning to roll out some changes to its Outlook app for Android, including tagging, content blocking, Office Lens integration and draft syncing.


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