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Making investments not only has the potential to make you rich but can also help you generate wealth that is going to sustain your kin for generations. The stock market, however, particularly in a complex economy such as that of Brazil, can be a tough nut to crack for most investors. As such, they need the assistance of a master investor with experience to boot such as Igor Cornelsen. For more than 40 years, Igor has helped individuals generate riches through making investments in Brazil. He has been the go-to guy in Brazil when looking to find success investing in the South American country; Igor has made countless folks rich.


What makes this man, Igor, exceptional is his unique insight into the stock market, banking, and business in Brazil. This attribute was born out of decades of experience working with major corporations, banks, and other businesses. He not only worked for these firms but also served in leadership positions that saw him navigate the organizations to untold heights of success. Needless, to say Igor knows the nitty-gritty of how the resource-rich South American nation works. As a result, Cornelsen has assisted struggling companies to grow into major international corporations.


Who is Igor Cornelsen?


Born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4th, 1947, Igor enrolled into the Federal University of Parana for an engineering course in 1965. The University, at that time, was the only school that offered engineering courses in all of Santa Catarina and Parana. This made an admission at the Federal University of Parana a highly coveted achievement.


Nevertheless, Igor switched from engineering to economics after 2 years of studying engineering. He went ahead to graduate in 1970 and got a job shortly thereafter in an investment bank. This was modus operandi for graduate engineers at the time due to their innate skills of being able to calculate compound interest rates using slide rules. Remember that computers were not mainstream back then hence making engineering graduate highly sought after by banks and other financial institutions.


Cornelsen, however, was still able to carve out a name for himself which ended up in being offered the opportunity to become an investment banker. The workhorse that Igor was, saw to him leading his class and eventually receiving a promotion to the board of governors at Multibanco in 1974 and becoming its CEO in 1976.


However, the Bank of America, in 1978, acquired Multibanco which led to Mr. Cornelsen leaving to seek out greener pastures. The first opportunity he came across was a position at Unibanco, a leading investment company in Brazil at the time. He held the position until 1985 when he had to leave due to inflation rates bursting at the seams. The man would move on to work for the London Merchant Bank. Later on, the firm would get rebranded to Libra Bank PLC. He worked as an investment advisor.


The move to Libra served as a turning point in Igor’s career because, for the first time, he was going to get paid in US dollars. What Cornelsen saw in this was a new world of investment opportunities. Needless to say, his stint at Libra was so successful that the Standard Chartered Bank offered him a position in its board of directors. This meant Igor had to move to London. He would go ahead to serve the company for the next seven years with much success.


The investment guru founded Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 1995. The firm has its main offices at The Bahamas. The company identifies feasible investment prospects and the designs long-term investment plans for them. Apart from providing guidance, Cornelsen recognizes and tracks investment strategies. Igor has used his firm to educate and pass his experience and knowledge to potential investors. Among his more popular clients are US based company Burger King.


Igor’s Investment Strategies


Igor’s roles at Unibanco and Multibanco mainly revolved around stocks, and this might perhaps explain why most if not all of his investment strategies primarily involve the stock markets. You see, a lot of investors would only like to perform in a well-performing organization. Conversely, Cornelsen advises people to consider investing in damaged stocks. His rationale is that, due to the low prices associated with damaged stocks; this makes them the perfect investment opportunity. As such, when the company eventually stabilizes, one can resell those shares for a significant profit. In fact, Mr. Cornelsen has made a career out of buying assets and stocks in nations experiencing instability in their economic environment.


Having spent the bulk of his career in his native Brazil, the master investor encourages other investors to try out new markets such as China or Brazil. He serves as a resourceful consultant to those looking to invest in the South American country. Igor notes that economy of Brazil varies vastly from the UK, US, and European markets. As such, he encourages budding investors to first familiarize themselves with Brazil’s business environment before making an investment.


Additionally, on his WordPress forum, Cornelsen asks investors to always pay keen attention to currency exchange rates. According to Igor, investors that shop around for favorable forex rates tend to be more successful than those who do not. Clearly, this investment genius does not hide his investment secrets from anyone. He, in fact, is fond of revealing them during interviews and seminars.


Nevertheless, Igor has had moments where his views conflicted with those of most investors. For instance, when the Brazilian government made some significant changes to the economic environment, a lot of investors perceived this to be the buying signal because they believed the changes were meant to spur economic growth. Igor, however, insisted that the changes were not enough to spur any growth and even went as far as predicting the impending doom due to those changes. As a result, Cornelsen sold his assets while others bought. Come to the 2015-2016 economic recession, Igor was all but proved right.


Another conflict of interests Igor had with fellow investors was in the wake of the European sovereign debt crisis. Cornelsen was adamant that the Euro would remain steady while fellow investors saw it crumbling. Regardless of the economic recession that followed shortly afterward, Igor still maintained his stand about the Euro’s future. True to his words, the Euro is gaining back its strength against the Pound Sterling and US Dollar.


What Sparks Igor’s Investment Ideas?


Cornelsen is quick to remind us that he was exposed to finance at a tender age. As such, he has gathered immense experience over time which has been the source of a lot of his ideas. He also maintains that part of his success stems out of his innate ability to recognize upcoming market trends before other investors.

Uma nova imagem para a economia, uma saída para crise segundo Igor Cornelsen

Moreover, Igor loves to do his research. He uses a considerable chunk of his time just going through financial websites and analyzing their data. Nevertheless, he advises investors to carefully choose the source of their financial information. He notes that most sites are biased and thus sourcing your investment strategy from every financial site you come across could prove to be your undoing.


Additionally, Mr. Cornelsen is constantly tracking nations that display rising investment assets. He will also note those that are having political or economic instability and wait for his moment to pounce on an opportunity. He does consult experts and partners too.


Investment Tips from Cornelsen


  • Avoid Losing Your Money


Bainbridge CEO Igor Cornelsen

Even though every investment opportunity is followed by a cloud of risk, to be successful in the investment industry you need to know when to pull out.


Granted that some investments will first lose some money before things begin looking up, if you find yourself perpetually losing money, you should consider the fact you might be doing something wrong. Moreover, you invest to make money; not lose it.


  • Now is the Time


Time is the most crucial in the investment industry. As such, begin as early as you can. This does not imply you cannot begin investing when you are elderly but invest earlier to avoid regretting why you did not start earlier.


  • Invest in an Investment Consultant


To make money as an investor, you need to spend some money too. One of the best choices you can make is hiring an investment consultant. These are individuals with a wide breadth of knowledge about the investment industry. A professional investment officer will not only guide you towards profitable investment choices but will also warn you about bad investments.


  • Diversify


Do not hold all tour investment eggs in one basket. In spite of how good the deal may be looking, do not go all in and put all your cash in one investment. If the deal goes sour, the fallout might be catastrophic for you. Therefore, diversify your portfolio to ensure that you are still gaining profits even when some deals are not making returns. And if all of them are yielding profits, then a career as a successful investor is even more imminent.


Igor Cornelsen regularly travels between South Florida and Sao Paulo where he has homes. Apart from solving investment puzzles, the investment guru loves playing golf.


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