Google Unveils New Autocomplete Feature for Gmail


Google’s signature email service is being upgraded with a new autocomplete feature. According to The Verge, Gmail will soon be able to automatically provide suggestions for sentences in emails as you type them.

Known as Smart Compose, this feature was unveiled by Google during its annual I/O developer conference. The feature works similar to Google Search’s autocomplete. When you begin typing a sentence, Smart Compose will provide a suggestion for the rest of that sentence. If you like the suggestion and want to use it, you can click the tab key to add it to your email. Alternatively, you can continue typing your message without using the Smart Compose’s suggestion.

Gmail uses different colors to differentiate between text typed by a user and autocomplete suggestions provided by Smart Compose. By default, any text a user types in Gmail is black whereas autocomplete suggestions are light gray. This is designed to help users distinguish between the two content elements.

The greatest advantage of Smart Compose is its ability to save time and energy. Rather than typing a complete sentence or multiple sentences, Gmail users can select the autocomplete suggestions. Furthermore, Google says Smart Compose will reduce the chance of users sending emails with grammar or spelling mistakes. Statistics show that average person makes about eight mistakes for every 100 words he or she types. In a 200-word email, that’s 16 mistakes. While Smart Compose doesn’t completely protect against typing mistakes, it can reduce them by providing users with accurate autocomplete suggestions that are free of error.

Smart Compose is even able to identify the context of an email. If you’re writing an email on the Friday, for example, it may recommend a message about having a good weekend.

Gmail continues to rank as the most popular email service provider in the United States. According to Statista, 61 percent of adults between the ages of 19 and 34 use Google’s signature email service, compared to 19 percent for Yahoo Mail and 14 percent for Outlook.

Smart Compose is expected to roll out to Gmail in the coming weeks. Google says the feature will also be adopted into G Suite later this year.


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